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Guitar Stand With Down Light, Hanging Stand Made In Ireland, Light included Illuminated (CUSTOM)

Guitar Stand With Down Light, Hanging Stand Made In Ireland, Light included Illuminated (CUSTOM)

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-Walnut finish

Made to Order, Guitar and Musical Instrument Holder, with LED downlight.

I designed this to perfectly accent the curves and flow of many traditional designs yet remain simple and modern. It utilises a wall mount style grip which holds the instrument under the headstock (also suitable for telecaster headstocks). It has neoprene cushioning to securely hold the instrument whilst protecting it.

Standard finish is in (B/BB) grade FSC sustainable sourced Birch Ply, in natural finish. This wood has an extremely light colour, with contrasting striped edges giving a simple yet modern aesthetic. Additional materials and colours available upon request

I have designed this to suit most standard sized guitars. It will also suit short scale basses and other stringed instruments. I have included the dimension in the images however I can also offer custom made sizes, get in touch ☺

Lighting Specifications
This stand includes an extremely efficient LED downlight on a flexible neck to illuminate your instrument. The LED can be set to 3 different colour temperatures (Warm light, Cool light, Natural light), and 5 different brightness levels. It is powered via a standard usb port which you can power of a standard phone charger outlet, a USB power bank or any other powered USB port. Controls are mounted on a rear panel. Power cable exits at floor level with approx. 450mm of cable. USB extension cable can be used to further distance from power source.

Made to order, by me, in Donegal, Ireland.

Please check out my other items, and I also offer this stand without a downlight.

If you have suggestions or requests, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please check the dimensions prior to ordering to ensure it meets your needs. I also accept custom commissions on similar products and designs. I can also offer some discount for multiple purchases.

This item ships mostly assembled, with just two screws to affix the base.

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